Chapter 5


(vv. 1, 2)–Christians should imitate their heavenly Father, and walk in  love, after the example of Christ.

(vv. 3-7)–They should avoid all uncleanness, impurity, covetousness, and foolish jesting, and idolatry, because these things exclude from the kingdom of God.

(vv. 8-13)–The Ephesians were once in darkness, but being now light in the Lord, they are exhorted to walk in that light, and bring forth the fruits of the Spirit; and to have no fellowship with the  workers of iniquity, whose evil deeds are manifested by the  light.

(vv. 14-17)–All are exhorted to awake; to walk circumspectly; to redeem the time; and to learn what the will of the Lord is.

(v. 18)–Paul gives particular directions relative to avoiding excess of wine.

(vv. 19, 20)– To singing and giving thanks.

(v. 21)– Submission to each other.

(vv. 22-33)–To husbands that they should love their wives, as Christ loved the Church; for by the marriage union, the union between Christ and the Church is pointed out; and wives are exhorted to reverence their husbands.

This chapter is a continuation of the practical exhortations commenced in chapter 4. It comprises the following points, or subjects:-

1.      The exhortation to be followers of God, and to walk in love, (vv. 1-2).

2.      The duty of avoiding the impure practices of the surrounding heathen, and of wholly breaking off from the vices in which even they themselves had indulged, before their conversion to Christianity, (vv. 3-17).

3.      Paul cautions them particularly against the use of wine, and the revelry which attends its use; and exhorts them rather to engage in the exercises to which the Holy Spirit would prompt them, and to the services of praise and thanksgiving, (vv. 15-20).

4.      He exhorts them to mutual subjection; and particularly enjoins on wives the duty of being subject to their husbands, (vv. 21-24). 

5.      The chapter closes with a statement of the duty of husbands to love their wives, illustrated by that which Christ showed for the church, (vv. 25-33).

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