Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(vv. 1-8)–Paul points out the peculiar privileges of the Jews,

(v. 9)–Paul shows that they, also, as well as the Gentiles, had sinned, and forfeited all right and   title to God's especial favor.

(vv. 10-18)–The corrupt state of all mankind, 10-18.

(vv.19-20)–All the world is guilty before God, and none can be justified by the works of the    Law.

(vv. 21-26)–God's MERCY in providing redemption for a lost world, by Jesus  Christ, 21-26.
(vv. 27-31)–This excludes boasting on the part both of Jew and Gentile;  provides salvation through   faith for both; and does not set aside, but establishes the Law.