Chapter 6

This chapter comprises the following subjects:

1.      An exhortation to children to obey their parents, with a promise of the blessing that would follow from obedience, (vv.1-3).
2.      An exhortation to fathers to manifest such a character that children could properly obey them, and to train them up in a proper manner, (v. 4).
3.      The duty of servants, (vv. 6-8).
4.      The duty of masters towards their servants, (v. 9)
5.      An exhortation to put on the whole armor of God, with a description of the Christian soldier, and of the Christian panoply, (vv. 10-17).
6.      The duty of prayer, and especially of prayer for Paul himself, that he might be enabled to speak with boldness in the cause of his Master, (vv. 18-20).
7.      In the conclusion, Ephesians (vv. 21-24), he informs them that if they wished to make any inquiries about his condition.
        Tychicus, who conveyed this letter, could acquaint them with his circumstances; and then closes the epistle with the usual benedictions.



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