Chapter 7

Chapter 7

In this chapter Jesus:
vv. 1-5
Warns men against rash judgment and uncharitable censures

v. 6
Shows that holy things must not be profaned

vv. 7-11
Gives encouragement to fervent persevering prayer,

v. 12
Gives instruction as to how men should deal with each other,

vv. 13-14
Exhorts the people to enter in at the strait gate,
Warns them to beware of false teachers, who are to be known by their fruits,

vv. 15-20
(Not just by their words).

vv. 22-23
Shows that no man shall be saved by his mere profession of religion, however grand,

vv. 24-25
Gives the Parable of the Wise Man who built his house upon a rock,

vv. 26-27
Gives the Parable of the foolish man who built his house, without a foundation, on the sand,
Gives the Conclusion of His sermon,

vv. 28-29
And the people are astonished at His doctrine,


Again, let us review the 4 Questions:
QUESTION #1:  Who is doing the talking?–JESUS IS
QUESTION #2:  Who is He talking to?–NATIONAL ISRAEL

QUESTION #3:  What is He talking about?—THE COMING KINGDOM
QUESTION #4:  What is the Dispensational Setting of What He is Talking About?—
(The  Great Tribulation)