Chapter 15

Chapter 15

The fifteenth chapter concludes the Apostle Paul’s instructions regarding the relationship of the strong brother and the weak brother which he began in chapter 14.  His argument ends with verse 7.  We have been looking at the principles of conduct for the believer. In chapter 1 we saw two of these principles:  conviction and conscience.  We now come to the third principle:  consideration:  consideration of the weak brother.
(vv. 1-3).
The strong should bear the infirmities of the weak, and each strive to please, not himself, but his neighbor, after the example of Christ.
(v. 4).
Whatsoever was written in old times was written for our learning.
(vv. 5-6).
We should be of one mind, that we might with one mouth glorify God.
(v. 7).
We should accept each other as Christ has accepted us.               
(vv.  8-12).
Scriptural proofs that Jesus Christ was not only the minister of the circumcision, but came also for the salvation of the Gentiles.
(v. 13).
The God of hope can fill us with all peace and joy in believing.
(v. 14).
Character of the Church of Rome.
(vv. 15-24).
The reason why the apostle wrote so boldly to the Church in that city; what God had wrought by him, and what he purposed to do.
(vv. 25-29).
He tells them of his intended journey to Jerusalem, with a contribution to the poor saints-a sketch of this journey.
(vv. 30-33).
He commends himself to their prayers,